These Dishes are cooked on a charcoal fire in a specially designed clay oven, the meat having been marinated to our own special recipe, roasted on skewers and served with salad and mint sauce.

Amrich Khana (Chicken Tikka or Chicken)

Mild dish, with mango, ground nut, butter & cream, popular dish in India

Chicken or Chicken Tikka Khata

Coconut, tamarind sweet & sour dish, very popular in Bangladesh.

Tikka Makani

Slightly sweet, a mild dish cooked in selected spices using pure ghee, ground nut powder, fresh cream.

Acher Curry

Fairly hot, chicken tikka cooked with fresh coriander, onion, capsicum, methi leaves, green chillies and selection of pickles

Biryani is made by gently cooking with special flavour basmati rice, together with mix-ture of mild spices, with special vegetable sauce. Medium

A deliciously rich and exotic dish marinated and cooked in traditional creamy mossala sauce with peanut powder & coconut, in fresh creamy sauce. Mild

A spicy dish of medium consistency created with green chillies, fresh coriander and special blend of balti spices. (Spicy)

Korma Dishes

A preparation of mild spices in which milk, cream and coconut powder is used to create the deliciously of its flavour and a creamy texture.

Plain Curry Dishes

A sauce of medium consistency. A basic range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour.

Bhuna Dishes

A combination of medium consistency. A basic range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour.

Madras Dishes

The madras ways it flavour to the high proportion of garam spices used which gives it a fiery rich taste.

Pathia Dishes

These dishes are derived from the use of sweet & sour sauce, lemon juice, tomato and hot spices.

Malayan Dishes

Malayan dishes are prepared with extremely mild spices and are cooked with pineapple, banana and fresh cream to create this unique flavour.

Rogan Dishes

Rogan dishes are very slightly spiced curry, cooked with fresh tomatoes and fried with garlic and coriander.

Dupiaza Dishes

A preparation of Dupiaza is similar to bhuna where onions are mixed with spices fried briskly.

Vindaloo Dishes

Vindaloo dishes are close to the madras but are cooked with generous amound of hot spices, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and black pepper.

Dansak Dishes

A parsee dish or similar temperature to a madras which is sweet and sour cooked with lentils and pineapple

Cylon Dishes

Sri Lanka dishes are cooked with a blend of fairly hot spices giving them a flavour similar to a madras with coconut taste.

Pimento Dishes

Cooked with a combination of spices including sweet peppers, tomatoes & garlic

Palok Dishes

Cooked with fresh spinach, sliced garlic, ginger, herbs & garnished with fresh coriander.

Garlic Dishes

A distinctive dish with a generous amount of fresh garlic cut with onions, ginger, coriander, herbs & spices.

Naga Dishes

Cooked with special Naga chillies.

Jalfrezi Dishes

Cooked with fried onions & peppers in a special sauce with green chilli and fresh coriander.